(Currently Closed) (Hiring Scripter, medium sized job.) BIG SPLEEF!

Hey there!

My name is RealTimeChicken a developer on Roblox, I have been developing for little over 2 years.
I am currently working on a what is now a (big thing) I guess spleef’s made it’s way onto Roblox, and well I decided for the first time, I’d jump onto a trend.

I am looking for one scripter who can do a good job helping me out with this game.

What would you need to be able to do?
Leaderboards, Spleef blocks, Rounds (round end, round time ect.), daily chests, and loads more.

What is the required age?
The required age is 13+ please do not lie about your age. (It would also be appreciated if you could talk on calls, this just makes it a little easier to communicate.)

Payment will be discussed and finalized when the game is out and ready to play, I will not pay you before due to people stealing ect. (No, I swear I am not a scammer.)

Discord : RTC#3718
Twitter : @RealTimeCreato1

Thank you for your time, I’d love to see some applications!

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