Currently stuck on what material/color and lighting to use

So I am currently building this below:

The plan is that it is a sort of medieval house or shop. I don’t exactly know yet I was just building this for fun to improve. The lighting is on Future. The top is like a balcony extending to look over the main room. If you have tips for the materials or colors or anything, Please reply. I will view all the replies. I am very stuck and would appreciate it.

My suggestion is that you should make the walls of stone, and the second floor of wood.
I attached a photo to inspire you.


Umm what wdym, ??? I am confused

You wanted tips for the materials, so I gave some to you.

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ok okas sorry about that. I appreciate it

With not much content shown, if this is related to medieval structure buildings they do tend to strive for cobblestone with a little white material placed throughout the building. I wouldn’t just make the entire building out of one specific material or color; try to place them in there proper areas.

Medieval themes often feature other materials, the known options can be seen in a view reference image. I would at least play around with the colors/materials and see which one has an appealing look, it could depend if your going for something natural have a few images by your side. The lighting can be done with a little experimenting on your own to set a good atmosphere to the scene.

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