Custom 2D facial emotions

After i saw Roblox’s Facial Emotions, i decided to make simple Demo of 2D based facial emotions, and here what i got -

  1. Mouth moves when you chat/talk:

  2. Eyes blinks: (You can see it at 1st gif)

  3. Question emotion:

  4. Exited emotion:

  5. Longer message - Longer talk animation.

This all is just a demo, i won’t update this system, just to show you. Give me feedback also.


As of now - looks good!

The only negative feedback I have is that the emotions should loop through the message - them only playing at the end makes it seem “robotic”

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I was just too lazy for that, meh, true.

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Cool! They look absolutely amazing!

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It looks amazing!! (reminds me of how in Vesteria the faces are just eyes and eyebrows, that kind of style)

The only change I could think is to change the resting face to more of a :slight_smile: instead of :expressionless:

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Wow, I love how the mouths actually move while the player is speaking! I would suggest having the eyebrows arch when it’s excited or questioning so that it looks less robotic.

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