Custom character bounces a bit when lands [STILL NOT FIXED]

Hi! I have been trying to fix this problem for quite a while now, I’ve tried searched on the devforum for other solutions but simple can’t find anything that works for me. The topic explains the problem which I’m facing, if anyone has a solution please feel free to let me know.

are legs on your custom character collideable?

No they are not, can collideable.

can you send screenshot of your custom character?

hmm… try turning off cancollide on torso, it’s close to floor soo it can bounce. Also, is your custom character having humanoid?

can you send video how it bounces?

Enable custom physical properties and set elasticity to 0

Maybe raise its hipheight by a tiny bit

If I change a bit then the change isn’t significant, if I change it too much then then the character starts floating.

Already did that, it helped but still didn’t fully fix the problem.

Update: I had to change Elasticity to 0, Density to 100 and Elastic Weight to 100. If you’re facing the same issue then just apply the same settings to all the parts of the character and you should be good to go.

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