Custom Character can't move

I am making a Custom StarterCharacter. I spawn as the custom character, but I can’t move. I have tried so many things but none have worked. I have searched the Developer Hub without it working. Please Help.

.rbxl File

Here is a .rbxl file of the game. CustomCharacterWontMove.rbxl (118.2 KB)


CustomCharacterWontMove.rbxl (117.8 KB)

  1. It’s because you had the StarterCharacter model intersecting with the terrain - if you had given the character a spawn point, or (as I did) placed the StarterCharacter above the terrain it wouldn’t be stuck
  2. You had the “HipHeight” property of the Humanoid set to 0 studs. I have changed this to 8 for you, but you’ll need to modify that to the correct height so the legs are flush with the terrain. Setting it to 0 results in a constant force downwards, so you get an odd sliding movement thanks to the collision of the HumanoidRootPart

Thank you SO much. I didn’t know that my character was in the terrain and that the HipHeight could make that happen!