Custom Character not Loading Properly

I am trying to make a dev console for my game, which will include several different commands/controls. One of the things that I am trying to do is to turn into a custom character. I have noticed that when I go ahead and put the starter character in the starter pack, you load as the custom character, the custom character has your player name, and you can use userinputservice. However, when I load the character manually via script, the starter character is simply called “T_Rex” instead of my name, and while I am the rex, I cannot access userinputservice. This is my script:

local x = player.Character
local model = game.ReplicatedStorage.StarterCharacter
local model2 = model:Clone()
player.Character = model2
model2.Parent = game.Workspace

Try put the camera subject in the model humanoid

workspace.CurrentCamera = model2.Humanoid

This line need to be on a Local Script, so create another script for that. (I’m not sure if gonna do or not, I never did that)

I dont know how to use, but theres the command :LoadCharacter() that put the character easily

Never mind, I figured out that a script was being improperly placed but thanks though!