Custom Character that I made in less than 2-3 hours

Hey everyone,

I have made this custom character a while ago but I never used it so I decided to get your opinions on it, I find this custom character to be amazing it just looks so cute,

I haven’t used this custom character from the day I have made it, I might use it for a future game of mine thought, here’s how it looks:

I’m not a good animator or custom character maker but this custom character was fun to make!

This custom character took me about 2 to 3 hours to make or perhaps even less I don’t remember, hope that you found it to be cool. :slightly_smiling_face:


No comments??? It’s been more than 10 hours. :neutral_face:

I hope that you all think that it’s cool at least.


Eh…i don’t really know, but this looks general. Almost like the original R15 character but thinner, Not gonna lie


I think that with some good textures and animations for the joints, it could really be something for a SciFi type game in my opinion. Nice work! :smiley:


How did you make this character? It looks quite interesting!

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