Custom Chassis works in Studio, not in game



I am trying to continue work on my custom chassis / car, and when I use it in studio, it works perfectly fine. When I try it in game, it doesn’t work, with and without FilteringEnabled. I’ve tried looking things up, but nothing relates close to what I need. The chassis is linked here: DevForumsCar.rbxm (287.3 KB)
There are also a few other issues with the car, such as the suspension, but that can be fixed later.
Thanks to anyone that can help.


I just tested it, and the car DOES work with Filtering Disabled. This is probably an issue with the chassis, but I’m not sure how, if you looked at the file.


I don’t trust this download link.
You upload .rbxm & .rbxl files directly to the forums

If it works without filtering enabled then it is clearly a programming problem, building/constraints stay the same no matter what filtering enabled is set to


Oh! My bad. I didn’t know I could directly upload.
Here’s the file.
DevForumsCar.rbxm (287.3 KB)


This car has a Script (server-side) with UserInputService user input code. That won’t work in a real game, only in the special case of Play Solo where the “server” is really also the client. All the user keyboard input code could be moved to a LocalScript, which then communicates the input to the server Script via RemoteEvents. That would make a FilteringEnabled solution.


Alright. I’ll try that out. Thanks!