Custom chat GUI chat detection with plr.Chatted?

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    I want to achieve detecting a message in a custom chat GUI.

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    Attempting to

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    I have looked at the developer hub and could not find anything relating to plr.Chatted with custom chat.

I am trying to achieve detecting a message in a custom chat GUI. Is this possible without detecting SayMessageRequest from the server or without detecting the player pressing enter in a textbox on the client? Can I use plr.Chatted with a custom chat GUI?

plr.Chatted fires every time a player chats, with two arguments:

The actual message, and the recipient (recipient is for private messages only).

The passed message is unfiltered, so you will have to filter it yourself using TextService.

And for how to send a message using the custom chat GUI, you will have to use the default chat remote events, such as “SayMessageRequest”.

Or create an entirely new chat system, by using a Remote Event to detect player chatting and a custom remote event for sending the chat to the server and displaying it to the other clients.
Remember with this method free scripts like Admin Systems will not work on your game, you will have to make a custom admin or modify their scripts to make them work.


Oh because i have my own admin that I made that utilizes many features like an external database and it uses plr.Chatted, I was wondering if lua plr.Chatted worked with custom chat system, also do I have to use the FilterStringAsync function (i don’t remember the name) for the custom chat GUI? This also my first post, thank you! :smile:

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