Custom chat system using built-in Roblox chat remotes?

In my game there is a reskinned chat akin to the theme that is optional, so in order for them to work together I’m using the in-game chat system events. Well, I’m trying to get the messages received to register properly on the custom chat, and it just isn’t working and I can’t find a good solution, and I don’t want to mess with binding a connection to every single player using .Chatted as that is just not efficent.

Code sample of what I’m trying to make work

TextChatService.OnIncomingMessage = function(textChatMessage: TextChatMessage)
	local Properties ="TextChatMessageProperties")
	local textMessage = textChatMessage.Text
	if textChatMessage.TextSource then
		local Player = game.Players:GetPlayerByUserId(textChatMessage.TextSource.UserId)
		ReceiveChatMessage(Player.Name,textMessage) -- The thing that makes the messages appear, I've used prints and nothing happens here even when the messages recieve.
	return Properties

The game just fires the in-universe remote to make chat messages and they appear on the normal chat, but not the custom one. Help pls…