Custom CoreGUI buttons

Hey there!

As Roblox is down, I’m trying to do some stuff in an empty baseplate, such as mess around with GUIs and such.

I’m not going to fork over the CoreGUI, rather edit it using show hidden folders setting (or whatever it’s called). Is it possible to edit some of the CoreGUI icons using that?

Edit: never occurred to me that you couldn’t upload decals when roblox is down :man_facepalming: Will use the replies in the future though, once it is back up :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t see why you can’t fork over some of the elements of the CoreUI and use them but you can’t edit or change the original CoreGui because it’ll just reset itself plus it’s a security risk. You really can only edit the Chat and then you’d need to make the rest on your own.

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Hmm, yeah I could see why it’s a security risk. Would I just overwrite it as I would with one of the chat modules?

You’d need to go into the ChatSettings and edit the functions for making the bubble chat, chat window, etc. Everything should be configurable there.

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I know, I meant for the CoreGUI. Would I just place the new modules inside of the CoreGUI folder?

Specifically for the chat, you’d place them inside of the Chat service for other CoreGui’s that you have forked you would place them inside of the StarterGui.

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Do I have to fork the entire GUI? I tried just putting one of the modulescripts and it seemed not to work.

Edit: that didn’t work either, hmm.

Usually most GUI scripts have locked editing by the owners, but you can just edit them by selecting the certain thing and dragging it to the workspace, thats how most GUI’s imported into Models work.

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I think I was being a little unclear in my post.

Essentially, I want to replace the chat and menu buttons with my own icons, they don’t really fit my games style, not a huge deal if they can’t be replaced, but it would be optimal.

Then delete the orignal ones and drag the new ones where the old ones where removed

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I’ve tried, but Roblox’s CoreGUI doesn’t seem to be easily modifiable.

Hmm, I’m not sure about that one, maybe you can look up how to edit/modify roblox CoreGUI, there might be a video to help you.

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Yeah, I think I will do some more research on it tomorrow. Thanks!