Custom flipping engine - is this even possible?

I’ve got an idea, but I’m a beginner and I wanna know if this is even possible before I even attempt it.

What I’m thinking of is a GUI that lets you input the number of flips (limited to what’s humanly possible lol), a number of twists (also limited), the position you wanna be in (pike, tuck, etc), and then lets you play that flip. It would play using CFrame to do the flips, but using an animation to do the twists and position.

I’d also probably make the twists play before the CFrame ends (so before the player lands) by speeding them up or slowing them down. The position animation would work the same way, playing until the CFrame is done.

Ideally, I wouldn’t be using CFrame, but I don’t think I could overlay animations in the way I’d want to.

I think there’d be some inevitably glitchy flips you could make, but it’s not my goal to be perfect - just to be mostly functional.

Is this possible? Are there any really glaring issues that I’m just missing here, or things that I’m not thinking about?


Very possible, and I think you are overthinking it as a beginner

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What do you mean by overthinking it? Am I overcomplicating this lmao?

Yes, instead of using animations, you can use tweenservice and change the times it repeats the flip

Here is the main api: TweenService

I suggest searching it on youtube, they have really good explanations that are crystal clear! :smiley:

Thank you so much!! I’ll look into that.