Custom idle animation occasionally gets overridden by the default one

Thing is, I made a custom idle animation for the character and implemented it using the default Animate script.

The animation did load, but every so often it would get interrupted by the default idle animation.

Things I’ve done:
-Changed both the animation ID of the animation object and in the script.
-Looped the animation.
-Changed the animation weight both in the IntValue and in the script.
-Tried to increase the animation priority. (Action4 did me no luxury)
-Looked it up online and did not see any similar problems.

Did you make sure there is only a single Animate script inside the character (the one you edited)?

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There is only one Animate script inside my character during the playtest.

Can i see the animate script? There might be a error

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Oop I done goofed up I forgot to add keyframes for the head and the legs in the animation track sorry for the post :skull: