Custom Kick GUI


Roblox’s kick GUI (or to use its technical name, the error message gui) is very modern and sleek, however, it does not fit into all games.

The suggestion is to be able to specify a custom kick handler, similar to the custom teleport GUI (just with the option for scripting and events).

Use cases

While Roblox’s kick GUI is quite sleek, it may not fit into all games. This is the same reason that many games recreate the core GUI to fit their own style.

Your game may not kick people specifically. E.g. if you allow a VIP server owner to ban people from their VIP server, you may want to make that more clear.
The message of You have been kicked from the server: Banned by VIP server owner. (Error code 123) is quite unclear and this can cause a poor UX.

If you do have any additional use cases, please include them below so I can add them to the post! :slight_smile: