Custom Light/Shadow Effects

Place made by Quenty. I edited it a bit though. I did the light effects.
Here is a picture:
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[size = 5]Custom Light Effects[/size][br /]


Wait 30 seconds for the lights to load. It will lag during that time.
This does work with the sun.

Planning to release to the public once I have a smooth/non-laggy system. It’s also going to have one of those fancy effects. Well, it already does, just not “completely” implemented.

If you have a nice place were I can run these effects to test, just PM the place to me.

Tell me what you think. :slight_smile:

Interesting, do you just cut out the shadows with point lights?

I used rays to shoot a light brick to the proper position. If you go inside the place, you can tell it’s not a clean cut. Better then nothing I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

you should record all the positions, and optimize them by grouping close lights into all one light, so you reduce the number of light instances, it will take some math to get it to look decent, but it will be far more efficient than before

I was just about to suggest the opposite, he needs to be making more lights. Currently it looks all patchy and cloudy. Using larger lights would only increase the blind spots but using smaller, closer lights would decrease them and make the whole effect look more solid and consistent.

The performance is fine for me. Didn’t see any lag, whole thing loaded in like 5 seconds, no framerate drop.

Surely there is a way to offset the map to trick the lighting into shading different areas.

I’m open to any idea to reduce lag and making it prettover…

Increase the resolution of vortex and render the lights when there is a change in sun or something like that.

I’ve tried doing things like this before and it really becomes a reminder of how larger size pointlights and spotlights are needed. The maximum size feels rather limited.

That said, I dont know of the tech limitations here.

I wasn’t recommending for him to use larger lights, I was recommending for him to take an area that’s completely lit, for example, and instead of having this lit area be tons and tons of mini lights, all of them should be replaced with one large light, which will have the same visual effect, but reduce the number of lights you need by tons