Custom meshes, not custom parts


Meshparts are great and all, but sometimes I don’t want every polygon of my mesh to be included when the physics engine is handling collisions. I want to be able to insert a custom mesh into a part, sorta like SpecialMeshes or CylinderMeshes, so that I can have complex meshes without having to worry about the pieces of that mesh colliding with things.


Under the MeshParts properties you can change the “CollisionFidelity” to “Box” so that the MeshPart acts as a regular part while still being a mesh, very similar to how a SpecialMesh would be handled. The only difference is that MeshPart’s don’t really have the properties provided that SpecialMeshes do such as scaling the mesh to be bigger than its surrounding box, or offsetting the mesh to be outside its surrounding box.


OH so that’s what that’s for? I’m gonna test that real quick


Correct, there is also an alternative option called “Hull” which tries to surround the collision of the mesh rather than trying compute the collision to be accurate to the shape of your mesh.


I just realized I’m dumb lol. My mesh maker just told me that it is in fact possible to insert custom meshes into normal parts the way I described above. Wow


Yeah, you can either change fidelity options, or use the MeshID and put it into a SpecialMesh, I just like to use MeshParts instead of SpecialMeshes because Roblox textures are compatible with meshes if they’re used within MeshParts, whereas SpecialMeshes do not and are the default “Plastic” texture.


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