Custom rig noclips through walls

I made a rig that’s about 2 times the size of a regular roblox character, and for some reason, it noclips through walls.

anyone know how to fix this, or is it because the rig is too tall?

Is your HumanoidRootPart sized correctly?

Yeah. it covers the top torso part and the bottom one

Are the humanoidrootpart/torso parts/head can collide true?

Every part is cancollide true

That’s odd. Can you post a repro file so we can take a look? I can’t since I don’t have access to a computer, but maybe someone else can.

weird rig.rbxl (31.2 KB)

alright, here it is

This is because Roblox expects collision with UpperTorso and LowerTorso parts, with neither of these in your rig, collisions won’t function properly.

aight thanks, works now :smiley:

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