Custom StarterCharacter not colliding with anchored parts?!


I have exhausted myself trying to figure out the cause of this problem… I’ve tried rigging the character all sorts of different ways (through attachments, custom character plugin, WELDING… etc)… even though it’s literally a HumanoidRootPart and a Head… But for some reason, no matter what - the StarterCharacter will only collide with parts if they unanchored

There are no active CollisionGroups in this place, and I’m able to reproduce this in any fresh place.

I can also cause this to happen without loading a custom character by doing the following:

  1. Press Play, SetStateEnabled(Enum.HumanoidStateType.Dead, false) to char humanoid
  2. Delete all body parts in character other than HumanoidRootPart, LowerTorso, and UpperTorso
  3. Can still collide with anchored and unanchored parts as expected
  4. Delete UpperTorso, only bodyparts remaining are HumanoidRootPart and LowerTorso
  5. Can still collide with unanchored parts, but there’s no collision with anchored parts

Why is this?

Posting in #development-support and not #platform-feedback:studio-bugs as I am unsure if this is a bug, or just me having lack of knowledge.

please help


nevermind just found this… My character won't collide with anything? and upon further investigation I determined:

R6 humanoids must have a part named “Torso”
R15 humanoids must have a part named “UpperTorso”

I’ve never been happier to collide with parts.