Custom tool giver constantly printing Could not find tool even though correct tool was found

So i got some new stuff going on in my custom admin system, But i seem to be making some mistakes that i can not find.
Full screenshot:

Could anyone help me?
Output image:
Explorer image:
Script image:

(Images were purely to make it more clear)
(ALTF4GUI is a GUI where u type alt+f4 and then get a little easter-egg kick)

Accidentally did wrong remote event, Still got same issue

And now it’s not printing… Great

im gonna do the prints serversided… i dont care anymore

Just to let you know, the client (LocalScript) cannot access ServerStorage’s contents, as that service is meant to store instances only the server should use.
If you want to make the tools available to the client too, move them inside ReplicatedStorage instead.

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