Custom Tower battles Map (Feedback)

I made this a while ago while I was bored. What do you think of it? I call it “tribal tribute”.

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I know these aren’t supposed to be super detailed, but I have a couple suggestions.

  • The water is an awfully bright color and doesn’t really fit with the rest of the map.
  • Maybe make the water clear, with a more water-colored color (?)
  • Try making the map have a drop down, or maybe surrounded by jungles/fields (on the borders) to give it a larger feel.

Thanks for the feedback :happy2: Will work on it as soon as possible.

It looks good but it looks a little bland in my opinion I could suggest adding some trees around the edges rocks and grass turn down the colour intensity of the grass and the water especially
-The water seems a little too dark and should be lighter
-Remove the particles on the entrance of the mobs
-Also try adding a border around the map like hills and flowers on them

Hi there! I think the build seems good, but if you are wanting to improve it, giving details on what you were making can help us know what we can do to help you better improve it. From the looks of it though, I do believe it could be improved by detailing the waterfall, like using beams instead of cylinders for the base of the waterfall, or adding rocks around it. You could also try detailing the huts a bit more, by adding windows, little people, etc. Small details can help improve the looks of the build, but can also decrease the efficiency of how the game runs.

Well you could add small details and effect’s to make it look better and the water has an awful color but it looks fine.