Customize new bubble chat for only one player


I’ve been looking through the devforum and devhub but I cant appear to find it. Is there a way to customize the new bubble chat for only one player? For example if someone bought a VIP Pass with the old bubblechat system you’d get a black chat windows with yellow / glodish text.

I have found out how to set the general settings but so far no luck on finding how to customize for only one player.

Thanks in advance for your reply. :smiley:

(Note: I’m not requesting for a script to be made or something, just a link to some documentation that could help me is alright :slight_smile: )

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According to my research, the bubble chat is part of the CoreGui now. This means, you can’t fork the code and edit it, like with the old bubble chat script, which was inserted in the Chat service.

I am still not completely finished with finding how to achieve this though, I just didn’t have luck with my search. I hope you do. Otherwise, time for #platform-feedback?

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Yeah, I couldn’t find it either for now haha. I’ll keep on trying :slight_smile: