Cutscene not playing

Hi, I used the Cutscenify plugin to create a cutscene. I finished it but the issue is it won’t play. Here is my code:

local Store = require(script.StoreCutscene)
until Store:IsModuleLoaded() == true
delay(1, Store:PlayFullCutscene())

It is hard for us to diagnose the cause of the issue without seeing the module itself.

Chances are it will either be the module itself at fault (it doesn’t load) or you’ve placed it in the wrong folder, so I must ask also where is it stored?

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It’s stored in the script itself which is in the ServerScriptStorage.

If it’s a cutscene for a client, why would you want it to be in the server script service?

To change a clients camera, this should be done through a local script in the starter player scripts folder.

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I don’t think you should write Store:IsModuleLoaded() == true, the == true part is useless. (I might be wrong.)

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I removed it as I saw no point as well.