Cutscene with animated rig/s (Playing at the same time)


I want to make cutscene in which multiple/single rig/s can move.

Samples of scripts
For everybody. (Everyone on server will see this cutscene, triggered)
For one person. (Entered game)
For one person. (Triggered the event)

:link: Link:

Thank you for reading this.

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Hey @BONNIE258741.

This is a scripting support board, we’re not here to make scripts for you.
You should alter this post to fit the board rules, or remove it; you won’t find an answer like this.

I don’t know how to do It. So It fits this category. And If someone at least showed me samples with description to It, so I can learn from It, that would great. Other people that would come over this post and If there would be answer, then others could look on scripts. There are people between us that really doesn’t know how to fo sort of things. I personally learn lot of things. But my mind isn’t infinit. That’s reasoning for my question.