Cyber City: Update 12/30/2020

Update Log: 12/30/2020

:new: Courier Job! Speak to the shady guy under the tree in foreigner spawn to bring a package across the border without being caught! There is an arrow indicator where to take it to.
:new: Post Officer Job! Go to the nearest post office building in the city and deliver the package safely to the designation! There is an arrow indicator where to take it to.
:new: Icons! All important places have an icon located above them for your convenience.
Icons can be turned off in settings
:new: You can now purchase in-game cash with Robux.
:new: You can give other people money in-game!
:new: 2 new post office buildings
:new: Additional trash cans were placed around the map to deposit trash more conveniently.
:new: IRF Team Uniforms have been inserted! Represent your division!
:new: IRF custom team morphs and armors have been implemented.

:wrench: Removed Christmas Theme.
:wrench: Gun shop dealerships now only provide one-lifetime gun sales. If you die with a gun, you’ll need to purchase another one.
:wrench: Foreigners with bounties who die inside the city will be respawned to immigrant spawn instead of the main city.
:wrench: The main menu UI stays on your screen as a default.
:wrench: Icon markers disappear when in delivery mode.
:wrench: Gun prices were lowered.

:gear: Bug fixes and performance advancement.
:gear: Loadout UI was fixed.
:gear: Settings now have the β€œON” and β€œOFF” buttons instead of the white and black squares.
:gear: Icon overlap was fixed.

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