Cyber City - Update Log 12/21/2020

Update Log: 12/21/2020

:new: New and Improved Border Booth with AI!
:new: IRF Teams are now equipped with Batons to force Foreigners out of PvP that aren’t following rules in booth/line.
:new: Team only doors inside the booth, this provides quick and easy mobility outside the booth.
:new: More doors for IRF were added inside the booth for easy transportation convenience.
:new: City sounds!

:wrench: Water on the map no longer does damage to players. Take a swim :smiley:
:wrench: Foreigners with bounties who die inside the city will be respawned to immigrant spawn instead of the main city.
:wrench: Border Vent layout was changed.
:wrench: Raiders will automatically gain a bounty of β‚½5 when spawning in.
:wrench: Sniper no longer is a one-shot headshot kill, damage nerf 90 (108) β†’ 75 (90)
:wrench: Main menu screen button is changed from Play to Menu.
:wrench: Bounties can now be claimed by anyone!

:gear: Hoverboard bug where it stays in the map after the player leaves have been fixed.
:gear: Foreigners no longer receive bounties when killing raiders with bounties.
:gear: PvP Toggle was fixed to help better accommodate the gameplay.
Teams that can toggle PvP:

  • Foreigner
  • Citizens
  • Presidium
  • MOL
  • Party
  • Admissions
  • Civil Services
  • Moderation
  • Commissariat

Teams that can not toggle PvP:

  • Raiders
  • FOD
  • MP
  • NDD
  • MOSS
  • Military
  • Military and Government High Command
  • All game pass teams

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