Cześć z Polski! - Roblox Development in Polish


Cześć, developer forums!

With this new introduction of a developer forum channel meant for international translation planning and discussion of the changes that are going to occur to the Imagination Platform language and region wise as it prepares for a big launch around the world, I would like to pitch in my two cents as one of the few Polish-American developers currently in the DevForum.

The Polish language has around 50 million native speakers, living inside and outside of Poland in mostly central european or English-speaking countries. Most individuals with Polish background have steady access to technology, even in rural regions, and are especially exposed to foreign media. Many kinds of first world and British influence can be seen anywhere from the Polish road signs, to almost every single radio station, to core English classes being taught as a subject in schools, and it has an impact on Roblox, as well.

I have seen probably more than 50 users with either Polish nicknames or chatting in the language during a game, some who I was able to befriend and communicate with. It is really exciting to see that some from my country are able to freely enjoy the platform as much as I did when I first came into the United States and started learning English, especially the younger generation who is either working from within their foreign families in majority English-speaking countries, or in many European countries similar to my homeland, notably Russia, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Serbia, from which I have seen countless individuals.

As the world’s 9th hardest language, I think it is important that Roblox embraces this new outburst of international interest coming from Polish-speaking regions and slowly integrates the tools required to keep members from the other side of the world in-tact. The filter, with all the work that has been put on it over the prior few months, still lacks a majority of Polish censorship when it comes to slang and inappropriate language, causing a lot of havoc with the swearing happening between the negative part of the international community in a few games. I think a lot could be done to improve this.

Issues and complaining aside, I would love to see some more company-to-developer cooperation when it comes to translating Roblox games into Western and central European languages, both coming from the Roblox platform and developers, who will now be freely able to change the language for their games.

I get this might be a very unusual pitch, because my language is not nescessarily a well-spoken one, but I can assure you the internet community of Polish speakers will embrace Roblox as much as it had embraced YouTube, Minecraft, League of Legends and World of Warcraft within the last few years, absolutely dominating the usage of these games and tools.

So I say, cześć to all Polish-speaking players and developers! Jestem z wami! :slight_smile:


Welcome at the Roblox DevForum!

Miło cię widzieć w naszym nielicznym gronie Polaków :slight_smile:


Hello there!

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It’s very nice to see you guys!

I hope this expansion can make it’s way towards our little community :smile:




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when you’re a welsh-american that knows Japanese but not Welsh and you’re trying to understand a polish thread




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