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:tropical_drink: Welcome to the Dropical Public Handbook, this handbook contains all information on the Dropical industry, we strive to show support and encourage those within our industry and community. Our handbook has a lot of resources and information which will help you get to know us better and receive more understanding.

If you have any inquiries regarding the Public Handbook you may contact a member of the Dropical faculty to answer your inquiries.

Dropical is a Juice Bar established in December 22nd 2020 by 2 founders known as EpicDinara and LiamAThorne, we aim to truly revolutionise ingame ROBLOX industries and bring customer satisfaction towards it, Dropical staff constantly serve our clients and strive to show high quality standards within our industrial position.

Our information is composed by the Leadership Team who are the highest in charge of operations and the industry functioning. Our handbook information will be listed below containing our information sectors.

Code of Conduct

Here at Dropical, it is a priority to follow the guidelines and regulations you are instructed from. We have composed these guidelines to make our community have a nicer atmosphere within our premises.

Dropical consists of vital rules to make the community a better place. In extension to the Roblox Terms of Service, users must comply with the following rules in-game. Failure to do so will result in consequences issued by a member of our Dropical Executives.

1 | Trolling is forbidden and will result in a warning > kick and then a server ban.
2 | Exploiting will get you permanently banned from all our premises and you will face serious consequences.
3 | Discriminating others due to their race, religion, sexual orientation, identity and beliefs is forbidden.
4 | Advertising in-game, on the Group Wall, or the Communications Server is not permitted.
5 | Bypassing the chat filter to use explicit language is not allowed.
6 | Spamming the chat is not permitted.

You must wear appropriate apparel at all times within our premises, any inappropriate attire worn will result in consequences. A member of staff will give you 1 minute to change into an outfit which does not violate our guidelines at all. Clothing including gory features, inappropriate t-shirts/pants also refer to the 1 minute rule.

Your behaviour at Dropical shows a preview and first impression of who you are as a client or staff, we expect everyone to be on their best behaviour and cooperate with our team excessively. Any sorts of disruption will refer to our first rule consequence. So we do plead that you show your utmost respect and gratitude towards all of our community.

Dropical has a secure system to review your actions, at any point where there is any suspicious behaviour, it will not be ignored and we will deal with it as soon as possible.

Contact Information

Management Team
This authority has the weakest administrative power, the Management Team is highly responsible for the sake of in-game activity. You can direct any general inquiries to the team. The Management Team are likely to be supervising the game frequently, if there are any issues. Please report it to a Management member.

Executive Team
The Executive Team are split into two departments; Communications & Staffing they have strong administrative powers, these individuals have power in the Communications Server and for any actions in-game, they are not all required to participate in game activity. Any Lower Rank reports can be filed to this authority, any general questions can be directed to this team.

Leadership Team
This is the strongest authority with the highest power out of all other ranges. The leadership members have power and access to all databases utilised, they are mainly department leads who take care of how all the departments operate. They watch over Executive activity and make sure the group is running smoothly. Financial requests & development matters should be directed to the individuals who acquire the President rank.

Affiliation Information

:handshake:Are you thinking of partnering with the Dropical industry? This affiliation guide will give you some information to gather before taking in an ally request. We expect to have clean affiliates meaning no catastrophic events or drama occurring in your industry. We expect that you announce our announcements in your affiliate announcements whenever you are requested to. We have expectations for your group to be professional and not have a generative corrupting system e.g: free ranks, selling ranks etc. Your industry MUST be an industry like a café, restaurant, hotel, juice bar or parlour and so goes on. We will not accept any military or fan bases as our affiliates. We expect a warming and benevolent environment within your company without any sort of disrespect given into it. Our requirements will be below displaying what we expect from your company for affiliations.

[1] More than 300+ non-botted members inside your ROBLOX group.

[2] Must have at least 30+ people inside your Communications Server and should at least have an active base line.

[3] Must not have a bad reputation within your industry.

[4] Must NOT be a military group or fanbase group, should be a service-related industry.

[5] Must show good organisation skills.

[6] Must show beneficiary assistance to Dropical within the industry and guidance.

[7] Group representatives MUST be in the group to fill in the “Allied Representative” rank.

[8] Making sure you have at least 1-2 representatives for your industry.

So, if you’re looking to become an affiliate apply using this form: Dropical Affiliation Application

Training Information

The only way to rank up as a Low Ranking staff member is by attending our Training Sessions, before you are able to train, you must apply at our Application Center, your application will be reviewed by our Staffing Department, if you have passed you will be ranked to a Trainee meaning you’re eligible to attend our sessions. You are encouraged to join 5-10 minutes before each session commences, our sessions overall take around 25 minutes. Our training times are listed below.


Advanced Juicer Promotion Guide

An Advanced Juicer is the highest working Low Rank, they have obtained the rank by working their way up through training sessions. The way of how an Advanced Juicer would obtain Advisory Intern would be by 2 ways, working diligently at the Juice Bar or alternatively applying for a Management position. Juice Bar development is in progress meaning that Management applications is currently the only way to obtain a Management position here.

Recipe Guide

The recipe guide is not yet in use, once the Juice Bar has been launched the official recipe guide will be released.