Da Town Game Rules


First of all, thanks for taking your time and reading this post. Reading the rules will help you & other members in-game. This post includes the ban reasons & examples of such.

0-1 Week Bans:

Bypassing the Roblox Filter | 4 days: Bypassing the Roblox filter is NOT allowed.

Harrasing Staff | 1-4 days: Targeting/killing staff multiple times while on duty is forbidden.

Advertising | 4 days: Advertising any social media link is not allowed. (That includes discord & youtube)

Glitching | 7 days: This includes all type of glitches including corner glitch.

2 Week Bans:

Racist Audio | 14 days: Playing audios with racial/discriminatory words.

Loud Audios | 14 days: Playing loud audios.

Bypassed Audios | 14 days: Playing audios that contain slurs.

Glitching Guns/Cars | 14 days: This is only bannable when you glitch cars or guns to change their stats.

Permanent Bans:

Exploiting | Permanent: Using any 3rd party applications to modify the Roblox client. (This does not include fps unlocker)

Tool Noclipping | Permanent: Using any tool to walk through walls or items.

**Breaking Roblox’s ToS | Permanent: If roblox doesn’t allow it, neither do we.

Crashing Servers | Permanent: Crashing servers with audios, guns, or any item in-game is not allowed and will get you banned from Da Town.

2 Bans = Permanent Ban

You can not appeal for Exploiting or Crashing Servers.

Staff Team:


Thanks for reading,