Daily coin reward not working for mobile players?

Hi, so I’ve made a daily coin reward system, where it gives you coins each day you play the game, and also displays a prompt on the client indicating how many coins they received.

But, the guy that I’m working for, is telling me for all the mobile players that played the game, no prompt has appeared and apparently have received no coins.

Just wondering if there’s any debugging tactics I should try here? I can provide you with the code if necessary, but am just unsure if this could be a simple thing that I’m not doing correctly. Like waiting for something to load on the UI, or something like that.

And I did make sure the UI was scaled correctly on mobile, and I used the emulator in Studio to see what it was showing as it should.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

EDIT: Also worth mentioning, but is there a way for mobile players to open up the console output? This might be helpful.

Hey! I am super confused, you should consider testing it on mobile yourself, it sounds like the guy who is working for you is confused, or not telling the truth. That sounds near impossible, for it to work in other platforms, but not on mobile. Especially if you don’t have checks for what device they use. I’d for sure recommend speaking to the programmer, and getting things fixed up. If you could also provide a file of this system so I can get this all tested up, it would much be appreciated. Thanks!

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Thank you! I think I will download the Roblox App and see what exactly is happening for myself.

Alright, sounds good. I wish you luck, hopefully your programmer can get this fixed up for you. Have a good day! Hope I helped.

To edit my post:

I just read the part where you asked if mobile players can view the console, they actually can. Just type in the chat “/console” and the console should appear. Hopefully that helps bud!

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