Damaging Server Issue

Hello, I am writing this report because I and MULTIPLE other developers have brought this issue to ROBLOX and they still have done nothing to fix it. I am currently referring to this report below:

Server fill customization not working properly

This was posted almost a year ago. I and a few others have been constantly following up on it, I think that I can speak for MANY developers when I say that there are some socially driven games, and when they fail to fill servers it can cause potential damage to the game and the users experience playing it. As a ROBLOX developer I contacted someone on here from ROBLOX addressing this, they told me to just wait and it will be fixed. I own a game and I love developing and am in the process of doing so with a new game. To follow the rubric, I want to achieve the goal of fixing this issue so that games like mine won’t suffer. It is extremely damaging, especially if you are trying to grow your game. The issue is that the server fill does not fill, it will fill to an extent and make multiple small servers for each mostly filled server. My solution is to fix this so that developers can select what they want their servers to do, if they want it to fill; it should FILL before creating a new server. refer to the linked post if you are confused on the issue

I am at the end of my ropes ROBLOX, it is the stuff like this which makes me NOT want to be a ROBLOX developer. You need to fix this, and listen to your community. This is absolutely ridiculous. I hope this can be solved sooner than later.

Have a good day.

PS ROBLOX stop silencing this. It is contributing to developers and we need to be heard! Feel free to discuss this below :slight_smile: