Danial Ranking Services [SHUTDOWN]


Hello there! Danial Ranking Services is a community that create a ranking bot. Your able to rank someone from the Discord to Roblox. This is not all the commands I can do. There’s actually more.


Here is some of the example of the ranking bot looks like:

Here are some screenshots of my work







We have some few commands for the Custom Bot. Command such as Ranking Command (promote, demote, setrank, fire), Management Command (rankreq, qotd, eannounce, hannounce, announce etc) and additional logs (bot logs, shot proxy).


All our payment will be made on our group. Feel free to join the group. Danial Development - Roblox


Almost all the times I’m online, just join our Discord Server and you can open a Support ticket or you can either DM me on discord.


Price is depends on what command you are buying. Ranking commands are now free! Other commands will still be cost robux. Join our Discord Server for more command and list price! All sales are finale.


I only accept robux as of right now. If you have any suggestion for other payment, DM me on Discord. My tag is Danial#0001.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord Server at: Danial Development


  • Owner: xClloudyTears
  • Co-Owner: Thomaqsz
  • Head Administrator: N/A
  • Bot Developer: xClloudyTears

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Is there any benefit to using this service over other similar services that are free, have more features, and have more staff?

Yes, I am aware some of the services are free, as the new changes, ranking commands are now free aswell but not with a Custom name. Custom name will charge you 30 robux. This services has session commands and more commands. You can check it out on the Discord Server.

And yes, we don’t have much staff as of right now as this is a new community, apps are currently open tho. Support Team was recently closed and Moderator Applications are still open. We are still hiring staff.

So, you’re telling me you want me to buy this, just for a custom bot name? Sounds a bit silly to me.

You can get it for free but not with a Custom Name. I might just make it free in the future tho, I am still thinking as of right now.