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Goooooooood evening to you madam/ sir! It’s almost been a year I’ve updated my portfolio in regards to voice acting. I mainly do it for my own airline and a previous one I used to run. I like to think they’ve improved since last time I’ve publically posted them.

I used to be the President & CEO of a 30k airline until I got fired by the new Chairman despite himself holding a vote to keep me on and I won by a landslide.

Currently the CEO of an upcoming Flybe group on Roblox. :slight_smile:


Dash8 Q400 | Captain Welcome Announcement

Voice Acting

In the preview, there’s a small snip of what I’ll do if you decide to hire me. Not limited to just flight announcements. If you wish for me to do something else, send me a message via DevForum or Discord.


Pretty much free between the hours of 11AM - 8PM BST. Nothing much to do because of lockdown!


Prices are negotiable, I accept Robux through group funds/ shirt. (Given that the Roblox tax is taken into account of.)


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord. dan#6198

Cheers for your time.


Great voice acting! One thing is, I would add more examples and audios. Keep up the great work!

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Thanks man, I’ll be sure to do that.

Damn, that acting is good! Really gives you a feel that your on a airplane. Nice work mate. :grin:


Cheers! I highly appreciate it!

Any base prices? I’d love to know. :smile:

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Depending on the length of the audio. Normally it’s 100R$ - 200R$. If it’s over three minutes we’ll negotiate from there!

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Do you just specialize in Airline-type lines? Or would you consider doing different lines with the same ‘radio’ effect?

What is the age requirement? I would need to know to make sure I qualify for this.