Dash system BodyVelocity is bugging

What do I want achieve?

I dont want have the possibility to let my BodyVelocity stop it. I want it like a Tween but I just want use a Bodygyro or Bodyposition I dont know which one I should use to make it so that I cant influence the speed. - Image like a Tween you also dont have the posibility to change it or slow it down if you type a input of W, S, D, A - thats what I want

Hey everyone, I am creating a Dashsystem but there is a small problem I do have.

I dont know if its the Bodyvelocity itself or just because I did something wrong

So in this video you can stop the speed of the BodyVelocity. Now you may asking what do you mean with speed?

So I set my BodyVelocity to each inputs.
Input W, S, D, A.
but now if I click S and the bodyvelocity starts then I can stop it a bit with W (as you can see in the video I sent here).
The question is: How can I fix that?


local function Dash(studs, look)
	local BodyVelocity = Instance.new("BodyVelocity")
	BodyVelocity.MaxForce = Vector3.new(10000,1,10000) 
	BodyVelocity.Velocity = studs * look
	BodyVelocity.Parent = HMRP

and then the inputs you dont really need to know:

	Dash(Humanoid.MoveDirection, 50)
	Dash(Humanoid.CFrame.LookVector, 50)
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Or is it just because the animation stoped?

I think the animation “stop” let it looks like that my humanoid looks it is stoping his speed

I think this problem is hard to solve idk

Is this topic still active?

Does really nobody know how to fix that?


My guess is that your MaxForce property is too low for the player to just about control itself, could you try increasing the X & Z values of those a bit more?

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Yes your guess was right. Thanks!!

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