Data saving randomly giving players more than the limit

Hello, my game has suddenly got a issue of players being unable to save there data due to there data suddenly going from 8000 characters long to over 2,000,000 without reasoning causing there data to be too big for roblox data stores.
Does anyone have a reason why this is happening?
Thank you, Zonix.

It’s kind of hard to give you a reason as to why you’ve got this problem when we know nothing about the cause. You could have made a typo, there may be a backdoor, etc. The list goes on when we have nothing to work with, so can we please be provided with atleast some sort of source to inspect as to determine the root cause of the issue so we can help you?

My bad, I only just realised what the issue was minutes after posting this.
Sorry for the inconvenience, I have since Closed my game until I release the patch fixing the problem.