Data Store Requests Filed Up

So Every time I try to change info with the plugin DataStoreEditor I get this.

The Key is the developers UserID.


Im trying to set it to false, but when I click save/apply I get this error. How do I drop all requests? and the Issue mostly with his UserID only it happens to others but not as often.

I don’t have access to Data Store Editor right now, but seems like it’s a classical/common request queue Roblox Data Store error. Data storing services have some limits when it comes to write requests to update the same key, as you can see in the following image:

(Data Stores, Roblox Dev Hub, 2021-04-02)

Write (update, increment, remove and set) requests may only be sent every 6 seconds to request changes to each individual key, as opposed to get requests, which don’t have such a limit. It’s deliberate and sort of crucial in game development, mainly to protect hosting servers and storages.

Are you perhaps using an older version of Data Store Editor? Wait for 6 seconds before updating the same key each time. Feel free to update different keys without waiting.

@sleitnick, you surely know the source code more than me. By the way, thank you for creating this plug-in! Me personally and everyone I introduced this plugin to all find it very useful.

I’m not sure how request budget is handled here, but if it isn’t yet, it may be a good idea to add a small GUI notifying the developer about request limit, and giving them the possibility to cancel sendig.

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