Database Question

I’ve noticed that some people use ‘Firebase’ as an external database to store their roblox data there, my question is why?

I’d like to know the reason why people prefer external databases like Firebase instead of Roblox’s database in studio.

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As far as I know, the people who are using Firebase aren’t using them as a replacement for Roblox DataStores, but as a backup in case of Dataloss which is smart.

So to answer your question, they use external databases like Firebase as a backup. They do not use Firebase instead of Roblox’s DataStores AFAIK.

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It isn’t necessarily just Firebase, but any external database. There are many types, MongoDB, DynamoDB, mySQL, PostgreSQL. There is a variety of reasons:

  • No limits on storage size or calls (provider dependent, some might have different limitations, for example MongoDB can store 16MB in a single Document as opposed to Roblox’s datastores limit of 4MB)
  • Potential use on a larger scale, for instance across multiple places out of universe, which isn’t really possible with Roblox Datastores, for example think of a ban system which you might implement for all games within your studio. All of your places are able to access the external database.
  • Data backups, more reliability/less chance of them going offline. Roblox Datastore outages will not effect your game.
  • Better control of your database, you can create your own querying methods far superior to those offered by Datastores.
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