DataStore 2 Increments help?

So this is the function that is meant to get give the coins to the people that were in the game at the time. The problem I’m having is that say for example I win the round I get 250, then if I win the round again I get 500 and so one it keeps adding on 250 each time but I only want it to add 250 to the players current value. If that makes sense. I’m to scripting and the dataStore2 so if you can help that would be appreciated!

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From what I can read every time some one wins you want to add 250 to their winnings output example:
One Win = 250,
Two Wins = 500.

If so you will have to track how many wins they have won and then just multiply that by 250.

wins * 250 = value to add to their coins.


I want it so when some one wins they get 250 only.

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