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The Menu will be used in this game:

About The Job

Need someone who has a decent knowledge with Datastores & dealing with DevProducts. I have setup all of the GUI Framework, just need someone who can:

  • Handle the DevProduct Purchase
  • Save the User Information given during the Purchase
  • Place that information as a car slot in their Inventory.

This is where the User puts in the information:

The information saved will be:

  • A string value for the car name they choose (Doesn’t need to be filtered because only they can see this name. Or at least I think that’s the rules, right?)
  • The Car Type is a selection thing. They will select a Car Type, and that’s saved in a StringValue in the GUI’s Frame called “CarType” as Frame.CarType.Value
  • The Picture’s TextureID. This would be the Picture.Image of the ImageLabel in the frame. This is given from the user inputting a Roblox Decal ID on the previous page. I’ve already setup a system which will take the decal ID they input, get the image ID from it, and then put it in the preview picture.

This is where the car will end up in their Inventory:

The saved data will go in the following places listed via the RedText.


Let me know how much it’d cost you to get 'er done. Would be willing to pay extra if completed prior to Thursday, Noon Eastern Time.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the DevForums, or via Discord. GeorgeTheDev#2255

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