Datastore filling up and not letting player data load?

A player of my game said that his data won’t load, so I went into a server with him and looked in the console. I saw that the datastore had filled up and wasn’t letting the data load. It said that it had put in too many requests with his userid. Is there a way to fix this so the player can get his data back, and prevent this from happening again?

From what you have said, I interpret that the DataStore is rate limiting his user. Does his account have a lot of data in your game? Do you optimize the requests in your game? If he has a lot of data, try to access player data less/in smaller quantities. I might be wrong about this, as I haven’t used datastore much, but I know they do have rate limits. Hope I could help! :slight_smile:

As what @chasedig1 said, you should optimize the requests in your game. If you send too many :SetAsync()s or :UpdateAsync()s within a small amount of time, a queue will begin to form. Also as they said, make sure the amount of data being saved is not too much, or that itself will start a queue and delay others’ data from saving. I hope we helped. :+1: