Datastore issue

Hello there! I have been receiving reports recently of a some datastore saving losses. Sure enough, when I checked my analytics, I found that I am getting a lot of warnings with the message: “302: SetAsync request dropped. Request was throttled, but throttled request queue was full.”

However, I am not seeing the typical message of “Request Throttled. Try sending fewer requests to key…”

What could cause this issue? Update async vs Set? Setting data too fast (90 seconds per player)?

Datastores are not really my field of expertise, so I am coming here to try to find out before too many of my players lose most of their data.

I personally use update Aysnc because it compares the last saved data but try maybe only saving when a player joins/leave

Also make sure to wrap your data requests in pcalls

You’d want to update the datastore a lot slower. Since you haven’t presented your code an example would be cash change. If you update the data store every time your balance changes, this might overflow the queue. The only times you want to save data is when the player leaves.

Alright I’ll try that, thanks!