Datastore Random Saving Issue

I want to find out what causes this datastore problem but i have no clue what script is causing this. I checked all my scripts that save data and made sure they have 7 to 8 seconds between them but this still appears.

This is getting pretty annoying and i do not want people losing data because of this issue :frowning:

If someone knows how ill be able to find the source of this problem than that would be extremely helpful :slight_smile:

Why are you saving data even close to 8 seconds? You don’t need to auto save data EVERY 8 seconds. Maybe every 1 minute for every player and then also when they leave.

ProfileService for instance makes sense for constant auto saving, because it uses that to lock it’s data.

I am not saving data every 7 or 8 seconds, minimum time between saves in my game are about 50 to 60 seconds

I just do not know what is causing this, is it possible to find out what script makes that datastore request,
Or do i have to start hunting again and read all my scripts?

You’ll have to do the latter and you can’t simply find where you save it. However it could be that you exceed your datastore limits due to frequent saving. The other explanation could be that for some reason you save multiple times when the interval for saving happens, but for that I would have to see your script.

I’d recommend you to check out the follow article from the developer section which goes into writing/reading limits with Datastore. Data Store Errors and Limits

A solution you could implement is that you write a module (which is also covered on the dev section) that binds itself to PlayerAdded and PlayerRemoving event, so you don’t have to “spam” the datastore queue. Saving Player Data

Hope this helped