Datastore resuest was added to queue. If the request queue fills, further requests will be dropped

Hey fellow Developer Forum members!

I am currently experiencing an issue inside my game and I am failing to understand what the error is.

What is my error?

Where is the code?
message (10).txt (9.8 KB)

It would be great if I can get some help here as it is breaking my game.

Thank you for reading this! :slight_smile:

That’s a warning that basically means that you are sending too many requests to the datastore, causing that error. If you send too many requests (I think it’s like 30+) at a time, it will drop them out of the queue (that request will be ignored). In your code, you are using ‘GetAsync’ way too many times for something you could do in 1 request. Instead of storing different values like that, I strongly recommend that you store all of your data in a table and use your player’s ID as the key. That way, when you need to grab something from the DataStore, you can just index it from when you originally used GetAsync.


Thank you for replying to this post me and my Developer are currently fixing this.

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We understand the error. Thank you.

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