DataStore throttle even when I'm sending a single request

It seems like ROBLOX is telling me to send fewer requests when saving player’s data.
I joined with my alternate and left, then it’s telling me to send fewer requests even when I only called SetAsync() once for the player that was leaving. Never experienced this before.

Am I mssing anything?

Image: Screenshot by Lightshot

I’ll provide what my PlayerLeaving event is doing below.

local SaveStats = p:FindFirstChild("leaderstats")
	if SaveStats then
		local SaveKills = SaveStats.Kills
		local SaveSpree = SaveStats.Spree
		local SaveDeaths = SaveStats.Deaths
		local tries = 0
		local success
			tries = tries + 1
			success = pcall(function()
				DataStore:SetAsync(p.UserId, {
			if not success then
		until success or tries == MaxTries
		if not success then
			print("Cannot save data for", p.Name)

Feedback is appreciated - thanks!

with the other account, did you test immediately after attempting to save multiple times from a place?

you can only make [current amount of players in server] *10 + 60 set requests per minute, meaning you should wait a while if you’ve made multiple requests and then test this, unless you haven’t manually made set requests multiple times right before sending requests

I did not call any method before testing, no. It’s weird I can’t even send a single request without being told to send fewer requests.

Strange, I tried sending just one request in studio (tested this in game too), gave me a throttling error.
(the extra errors are due to retrying, but that only happened because the throttling error caused the first operation to fail)

Still needs proper testing though

It’s strange indeed… Never seen this before and I’ve been working with datastores for a while now.

Did you get any throttling after the first request? (Edit: nvm)

I created a baseplate, published it with the ability to save.
It throttled on the second request (I also tested this with a second place)

It’s guaranteed to throttle on the second request, also within the same minute (in which no other requests have been made) you cannot send at least 2 requests with a 5 second interval without getting the error

Also happen on the first one in my experience shown above.
Seems like there are some errors with their datastore atm.