Datastore Transfer

Hey Developers.

So I have this game that I use to make updates for my main game, but if I was to publish my game I use for updates to the main game would all datastore data be lost or would it all still be saved?

Any help would be appreciated. :heart:

DataStores are linked to the experience/universe. So if you publish it to a new one, the data will not transfer over with it unfortunately. There’s also no tools to do that :frowning:


Though if you’d be desperate, you could transfer the data over via teleporting with teleport data, correct?

Do you mean updating the previous game? If you use the same data store name then it should keep previous data from that experience

I mean if I have the game I’m building an update on (Game A) and I publish that update to my main game (Game B)

Will the current data from Game B remain the same or will it be changed?

If it’s the same experience (aka place) then it will keep the data

here: game b will keep its data after updating if the update has the same DataStore name (id)

I see, thanks’ for your help I’ll give it a go at some point and see how it goes.