Datastore2 Invalid at input.HouseData.h.v because: Mixed Array/Dictionary

Am i not allowed to save mixed tables with Datastore2? I represent a player’s House and furniture as a mixed table. How can I change how I represent the data to make it compatible with Datastore2?

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No, mixed tables can’t be saved to DataStores. No, hardly any suggestions can be made without seeing at the very minimum your data structure and at best your current data saving implementation. Yes, you can change from a mixed table to a non-mixed and how you do that is strongly up to you; try it out first.

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Can I save a dictionary within a dictionary? like this

dict = {
a = “foo”,
b = {c = 1, d = 2}

You could just try this out yourself and apply logic against this situation to get a quicker response rather than waiting 4 hours for this response on a thread: that’s not a mixed table, so obviously yes.