DataStore2 or the new DataStore

Last time I used DataStore that Roblox provided had some data leaks in universal games. I wanted to know if the new limits to the DataStore is safe to use now or should I stick to DataStore2 module

DataStores are actually pretty reliable, unless you implement it incorrectly or roblox servers break. DataStore2 handles those situations for you, which just makes your life easier and has a lot less dataloss. Keep in mind DataStore2 is just a wrapper for Roblox DataStores. If you have things such as trading in your game, I recommend using ProfileService by loleris/Madwork, which helps prevent data duping.

Might not be accurate at all, just wrote this off the top of my head


Correct me if Im wrong, I think the DataStore limits increased only the amount of data you can store, it doesnt affect data loss and stuff like that.

I definitley suggest using DataStore2, since my game was using normal DataStore, has 700k visits and every server I join I just see throttled DataStore requests because people are leaving while my saving script is autosaving. Currently making a script to transfer from DataStore to DataStore2

DataStore2 is just a DataStore wrapper. If you prefer DataStore2 use DataStore2 it doesn’t matter very much.