Datastore2 value changes when player rejoin

Hello, my script gets info about certain databases and it sends info about them into module script, which should change theirs value. The problem is, that only one Value is changed, but the second one only “saves itself into datastore”, but it doesnt change visually in Roblox Studio Explorer. The value only changes in explorer when u rejoin.

Sending values script :

	local serverScript = game:GetService("ServerScriptService")
local events = serverScript.BindableEvents
local dataStore2 = require(serverScript.DataStore2)
local replicated = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local growingModule = require(replicated.Plants.Growing)
local growingTable = {}

events.Growing.Event:Connect(function(plant, player, par)

	local numberFromString
	local isGrowing
	for i, z in pairs(par) do
		numberFromString = z.Name:match("%d+")
		isGrowing = dataStore2("Growing"..numberFromString, player)
		table.insert(growingTable, isGrowing)
	growingModule.Timer(growingTable, player)

module script:

GrowingSystem.Timer = function(data,player)
	for i, z in pairs(data) do


Are you using the most recent version of DataStore2?

Yes, im using the most recent version

Add prints to see where it stops - if it stops.

Actually it doesnt stop. Everything works, printing z:Get() after setting the value prints correct Value, but the thing that bothers me is, that the value doesnt change inside Roblox Studio Explorer. It only changes when player rejoin.

So i just found out, that its problem with :OnUpdate(function(), it prints other value than it should. It also seems like first value takes value from other when chaning. Still need help with this

Fixed it, it was a simple problem with putting variable in wrong place…