Datastores for Tables

I’ve been trying to save a table value that is inside a ModuleScript with that includes player IDs, I’ve seen alot of documents online but I still don’t understand how to do it with a table.
I have variables for the datastore and kind of a bit of an explanation with :SetAsync but is that it?
How would I use :GetAsync?

local sDataStore = game:GetService("DataStoreService"):GetDataStore("UsersTable")

local Users = Module.users

table.insert(Users, player.UserId)


This is what I’m working with as in rn.
I was thinking of something like
local Users = sDataStore:GetAsync() or Module.users
but in this case what would I put in the parenthesis

This is not the whole script, just part of codes which I think are the most important for this post.

You would need some key to save the table with; for example sDataStore:SetAsync("Data", Users) and sDataStore:GetAsync("Data").

Oh Alright, thank you so much. It won’t affect the table right?

Wdym affect the table?
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Anyways thank you so much, dk what I was saying up. How would it even affect it.
Nvm it.