Day and Night Cycle glitch problem

So I wanted to add a Day/Night Cycle to my game, and I used a Script for it; problem is, it works, but works like real time, that means 1 game minute is 60 real life seconds.

I tried using Scripts from other people and such, but I still have the same problem.

If anyone could help me, I’d be very thankful.

Tween Lighting.ClockTime, each integer is 1 hour, meaning you have to tween it with the end goal being 24 for X seconds, X = the time for it to do a full day cycle in seconds

    Game:GetService("TweenService"):Create(Game:GetService("Lighting"),**time**,Enum.EasingStyle.Linear,Enum.EasingDirection.Out,-1,true),{ClockTime=24}):Play() -- PLEASE NOTE: I DIDN'T TEST THIS SCRIPT

Hopefully I solved your problem, if I have make sure to let me know.

Can you show us the script???

This is the most recent script I added. Copied it from Youtube because every other script I tried ended up with the same problem.
while wait(0.3) do

game.Lighting:SetMinutesAfterMidnight(game.Lighting:GetMinutesAfterMidnight()+100) – Change 1 to whatever you want. This is the increment of minutes every 0.3 seconds


Just use this:

local lighting = game:GetService("Lighting")
local run_service = game:GetService("RunService")

local increment = 0.0168 * 1 --change the 1 to how many minutes you want per second

run_service.Stepped:connect(function(up, dt)
	lighting.ClockTime = lighting.ClockTime + (increment * dt)

I still have the same problem for only the seconds of the clock changing, and not the minute part.

Then its something on your part.
Check to see if any other script is manipulating ClockTime or TimeOfDay.

I did. I even removed Plugins that had Day/Night cycle in it. Still the same problem.

Can you send a place file?

Using Discord? I don’t post files on a public site.