Deaf Developer here

I’m not sure if this is the right topic, but I’m a deaf developer. I have some questions for yall.

  1. Can I hire a sound developer?
  1. If so, how much do Robux or other payment methods to hire a sound developer?
  1. What are your tips for getting a sound developer?

I probably would try to get someone trustworthy so they don’t try to scam you with an hour of a flat noise titled “Soundtrack for game”

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And for finding one I would go to the roblox talent hub

Better to put this topic at #development-discussion, because you aren’t asking for how to do something on the platform.


Also you decide, you can pay how much you want. Consider using the Talent Hub for hiring, or PM the developers you want to hire.

Yes, use somebody else that is trusted to listen to the audio for you.

This is highly dependent on the quality of the audio. You can either pay them with Robux or with real money.

I really don’t have any tips besides to pay them appropriately.

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Probably dont tell them your deaf and have one of your irl or discord friends listen to it for you (a few of them to make sure it sounds alright)


or you could use a spectrogram to make sure it is not a single held down note

To be honest, even the most complicated track with many notes and instruments can be musically rubbish. I think any moral person would never scam a deaf developer. Or OP can share the audio on the forum, too. Just be honest; who would steal from a deaf developer? Who would even steal from anyone… Well then, they get a DMCA. :wink: